The Polygon Studio is a Brighton based creative agency specialising in high quality
Architectural CGIsAnimation & Real-time / VR.

We work seamlessly alongside our clients, from initial concept to final production,
adapting to their individual creative workflows.

“It’s a pleasure working with Dan/The Polygon Studio.  He is super-fast and intuitively knows what I’m looking for. Always a positive attitude towards the various projects we throw at him and just amazing to work with. 
The output is ‘uber’ high quality and we have delighted many of our clients with his work.”
"The Polygon Studio are a dream to work with. They really understand materials, finishes and building techniques leading the visuals to look near identical to the finished product. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for top quality work."
“I have no hesitation in referring The Polygon Studio for their skilled architectural visualisations and 3D work. Dan and the team produce outstanding results on time and on budget. We are proud to work with such a pro-active and successful company.”